We do most of our research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory located in the San Francisco Bay Area at:

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Ave., B132S
Livermore, CA 94550


We are also users at Molecular Foundry 
at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory located at:

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Bldg. 67
1 Cyclotron Road, Mail Stop 67R3207
Berkeley, CA 94720

E-mail: anoy_at_ucmerced_dot_edu or noy1_at_llnl_dot_gov


Postdoctoral vacancies:

Single-molecule studies of transport in carbon nanotube porins in synthetic membranes and live cells. 

A postdoc position is available to study single-molecule level transport of ions and molecules in carbon nanotube porins - synthetic membrane nanopores mimicking membrane proteins.  An ideal candidate would have a recent degree in biophysics or a related field and hands-on experience in planar lipid bilayer techniques, patch-clamp elecrophysiology, or nanopore transport measurements.  We are looking for bright, motivated, and hard-working people.

Synthesis, assembly, and characterization of carbon nanotube porins

A postdoc position is available to develop new technique for synthesis, purification and characterization of carbon nanotube porins and studying dynamics of their assembly into higher order nanostructures.  An ideal candidate would have a recent PhD degree in materials science, biophysics or related field, and have experience in at least one of the following areas: nanoparticle synthesis and characterization, membrane biophysics, atomic force microscopy or high-speed atomic force microscopy. 

We are always looking for exceptional candidates interested in bioelectronics, nanopore transport, and AFM imaging of hybrid biological nanostructures.   

Graduate student opportunities:

We are also looking for motivated and interested graduate students to join the group.  (Note: you must have the ability to travel to the Bay Area at least a few days a week).

E-mail Alex Noy (anoy_at_ucmerced_dot_edu) for more information.

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